Primary and Secondary School, Rehabilitation, Havana, 2017


In a double lot, full of trees, wish contains a single-family house of the fifties, poses the Spanish school in Havana its new headquarters.



To comply with the required program, the existing building had a programmatic deficit of 500m2.


We decided to concentrate the budget on building the useful area where the children will spend most of the day: the classrooms, separated by Thin Colums that allow them to vary their interior configurations and create new types of spaces.



The rest of the program remains inside the house, avoiding restructuring and exploiting the rigid potential of this “modern container” with a pragmatic appropriation approach of appropriation.

The program was divided into 4 groups: Classrooms, Auxiliary Spaces, Professors’ Areas and Service Areas; with an independent access from the street. The existing building opens its new façade to the patio, extending its boundaries through a gallery that articulates it with the new building.



 The latter, at the limit of the lot, faces the continuous spatiality of the wooded patio.



By Anadis González, Fernando Martirena, Gerardo Guillén, Amelia Baldie and David Medina.