Photographic series of diptychs, (3280 x 3280 pxl)
Exhibited in the virtual gallery A Week for an Artist, 2020


The ruin does not expect anything, it is a dead space, a non-place indifferent to what happens in it.

Time pulverizes everything that was left over at the beginning.

Its timelessness frees it from any function, any decoration, any event.


Our projects under construction act in the same way: they are useless, abstract, incomplete.



Its beauty does not yield to comfort. Sometimes finishing something is not enough.



Doors, windows, tables, chairs, lamps, outlets and faucets; necessary elements that spoil the pure experience of space to tame it with life.



The following photographs show buildings we admire in a similar physical condition to the buildings we build.


By Anadis González and Fernando Martirena