Cafeteria, Rehabilitation, Havana, 2016



This project is a basic reaction towards the exuberant decoration and saturated colors of the postmodern Hotel Panorama.


Working on the Cafeteria space, we thought that nothing else could be added to that jungle of disconnected elements.



Therefore, our action would be just to remove, excavate and desaturate the space. Take it to its previous state to the “terminations” phase.



We removed the porcelain floor, removed 0.15cm of depth in almost the entire concrete floor of the outside to place grass and dig a new circular holes to add vegetation to this space so dry.



The result is a landscape produced from the negative, from the operation of subtraction of the existing.



As Cortázar would summarize “The renounce of the action is the protest itself, and not its mask”.



By Anadis González / David Medina / Fernando Martirena / Gerardo Guillén