Temporary Pavilion, New Construction, Mexico City, 2017



How to build a pavilion that will activate reflection on architecture, the city and sustainability?


We developed a response that we thought was simple: you do not need an object, a pavilion, but an event. No spatial action is needed, but an event of cultural dimensions, which understands architecture as a subject and not as an object.



We proposed to invest the funds of the Mextrópoli pavilion by buying 12 domestic devices of sustainable technology. 12 stones will be distributed in the space representing 12 Mexican families from humble neighborhoods, which, with the use of these devices, will reduce their electricity consumption rates and contribute to achieving a cleaner city. In each stone, the names, the location, the contact of the users and the information of the devices will be documented, making possible the proposed exchange between the public of the pavilion and the people benefited.




Here, the paradigm of sustainability does not lie in the use of sustainable technologies or materials, but in the attitude towards the city and towards the Other. We believe that these events should be oriented, instead of technocratic aspects, to the users who have access to them.



For what some seem common for others is still a luxury.


Perhaps there was no pavilion in our proposal, perhaps the architecture spoke for itself: it had nothing to say, nothing to say.



By Anadis González / Armando Montesino / David Medina / Fernando Martirena / Gerardo Guillén