Minimal Intervention in Old Building, Havana, 2017


The Contest consisted of a justification for exhibiting a construction material of the French company Renolit in the F.A.C. 



Therefore, it was requested a spatial intervention on the old oil factory that had recently became the center of Havana’s nightlife.



We liked the possibility of making a gesture that would attempt against the “perfect building” image, assessing its vulnerability as a property like any other.



 So we decided to just “break it.” In this way we describe the constructive indications:



1.5m2 of wall is extracted from 45cm from the ground without leaving a precise limit. 2m2 of selected material is fixed to the wall punched by the outer side with 25 screws. The extracted material is wrapped in a textile material and placed in any other space to be used as a seat.


The new hole serves as a seat, opens a window to an interior street previously hidden and sifts red light that now enters the new space.

The fact of extracting material instead of introducing new objects changed the experience and the image of the space making the protagonist building again.


By Anadis González / David Medina / Fernando Martirena / Gerardo Guillén