Single Family House, New Construction, Artemisa, 2018.



On a plot of land facing the sea with a terraced garden is house T.



A house with strict construction restrictions of not increasing its perimeter area and keeping the gabled roof.



To hide the new house from itself we placed 2 rooms above and one below, the latter facing a new triangular courtyard. The ground floor was left as a public area.



While the exterior structure is concrete, all interior partitions and mezzanines are made from local wood.



The ground floor opens completely to the landscape, while the others retain their privacy.



The house shows a hard face of cement that resists weather conditions, and hides a warm interior of wood and stone where domestic life takes place.


Using the same floor inside the house and in the garden unifies the spaces as a single atmosphere. As the house is so small, the garden functions in its entirety as a house where all its functions were deployed.


By Fernando Martirena, Anadis González and David Medina