House in the countryside, New Construction

Zaza del Medio, Cuba, 2018


The gap produced between the perception and functions of the house, frees the space of having to be framed by any type of formal precognition dictated by the program; as long as the basic functions of a household continue to be dogmatically structured. 



The increase of the amount of m2 of contact with the exterior and the reduction of the interior m2 of use is the solution we found.



We wanted to build a found-ruin, a space that only gives meaning to its users, as they arrived with a house on their shoulder. 



For this, all the furniture will be made of concrete and while there is no one, the room (the only closed place in the house), will store all the objects that endow this home with domestic life. As it belongs to anyone, anyone can use it.



House in Zaza instrumentalizes nature to create a domestic landscape, at the same time that it abuses the substantive house to approach to the landscape.




 This thin typology is equivalent to the shortest distance between the dissolution of the house and the conquest of the countryside.






By Anadis González / Fernando Martirena