Site Specific, Vynil prints (118 x 84cm)
12th Habana Art Bienal, 2015



During the Biennial of Havana in 2015, we were part of an interdisciplinary workshop in the controversial neighborhood of Colon in Centro Habana.



There the center of contemporary art Wilfredo Lam asked us to show the current situation of Cuban contemporary architecture and we decided to work on 2 basic principles: the emptiness that constitutes the historical roll of the architect in the current Cuban society and the incremental gap that the city evidences in its state of deterioration.



Here Is The Void was an Exhibition of Architecture and Urbanism that presented projects for the Barrio Colón, never materialized.



We cleaned the lot from a recent demolition and opened it to the public to show its interior, previously bricked up.



In this way we offered time in a vacuum as a reference to the spaces lost by the city and built where we could immediately: in memory.



We opened this wound in the city to present Cuban Contemporary Architecture through its absence.



An anti-civic manifesto that produces nothing, a museum of contemporary architecture that sacrifices its content to only show its emptiness.







By Anadis González / Fernando Martirena