Single-family house under construction, reinforced concrete (16 x 8.5 x 7m)
Eastern Havana, Cuba, 2018 – ?


In the East of Havana, in the “Cojimar´s Forest”, on a hillside overlooking the sea, this 150m single-family house is built. 



2 natural stones that approach the point of the sensuality of a kiss, illustrated in the sculpture “Kiss” (2012) by Wilfredo Prieto, and the sensation of a natural and stony experience similar to a grotto, inspired the shape of this house.


Photo: Yanelis Rodriguez

Faced with an absence of houses and an abundance of nature, we thought of making an inert object similar to a stone, perched on the grass.


It has no entrance door from the street, but an opening through which one enters the patio.



Divided into 2 volumes made of cement blocks: one of 6m high that contains the public areas of the house and another with heights of 2.8m contains the rooms and the garage.



The stucco used in the facade will be populated by parasitic vegetation.



The weather and the rain will resemble it to the rock.


Ceilings, walls and floor of the house will have the same gray color of stucco, being perceived as the same envelope. ).



 Inside, on the roof, a constellation of skylights brings the light into the home.



By Anadis González and Fernando Martirena