Research and Instalation, printed paper, stones, zeolite and steel table (12x 1 x 1.2m)
During 13rd Art Biennial of Havana in Taller Chullima, 2019
(Project in Collaboration with Alberto and Maria Kalach)


From Havana, I would only change the gardens. This is the idea proposed by the architect Alberto Kalach in collaboration with Infraestudio, through a series of searches and provocations for the city.



The Project of Gardens that do not exist is a collection of mira-das vacuum. But a look charged with intentionality.



A series of conversations, visits, drawings and Collages; of those places that could be intervened.



The “Gardens that do not exist” installation is a 12x1m Landscape made of Zeolite, Stones and physical Parts of the project itself converted into objects.



These fragments, already decontextualized from their initial function, make up a new garden.



During the duration of the 13th Habana´s Biennial the form will change, new information will be added, the objects will change place, the dunes will be transformed. A garden in movement made of fictions.



A garden, rather than a group of plants on the ground, is a gesture of artificial and voluntary placement of elements in space. 



Then a garden is a landscape.



A garden that does not exist should contain, as Barragán reminds us: “Nothing less than the entire universe.”


By Anadis González and Fernando Martirena