Penthouse, New Construction, Reinforced Concrete

Beach, Havana, 2019



The commission consisted of adding a level to an existing two-story building, to house a new Pent-house inside.



As the visuals to the outside were not interesting and we had a lot of m2 to build, we decided that the apartment should look at itself and deny the outside.



A kind of bunker without windows facing the street, pierced by 7 brick patios and abundant vegetation.



Thus interior and exterior are differentiated to find in the other what they lack.



Inside we would use white for the walls and white granite for the floor. In the patios we will use the red of the racilla of the floor and of the bricks of the exterior walls, in contrast to the green of the vegetation.



Separated from the noise of the street, light enters the domestic space sifted with red, giving warmth and calm to interior life.



From the outside, this apparently solid volume without perforations appears as a mysterious space that is difficult to classify. A timeless and dilapidated space taken over by vegetation.




By Anadis Gonzalez and Fernando Martirena