Pavilion – Gallery, New Construction, Sancti Spiritus (Cuba), 2018



Some people may perceive it as a banana plantation, because it is, indeed, made up of an indefinite number of banana plants.



A massive and blind square of 30m of side, perfectly delimited in the plain.



The landscape is the full and architecture is the void.


Infinite Pavilion is a complementary pavilion that serves the land-art work of the artist Wilfredo Prieto, in Zaza del Medio, the middle part of Cuba.


As the banana tree does not have common roots but something similar to an onion, they can be planted very close to each other, creating a compact mass of vegetation.


There´s a cinema, a gallery, bathrooms and some other rooms inside.



A middle term between architecture and landscape.


By Anadis González and Fernando Martirena