Restaurant and Rental Apartment, Rehabilitation, Havana, 2017



The need for a space that served as an office, art gallery and AirBnB, allowed us to open interior spaces looking for amplitude and better views of the Capitol, while reducing our proposal on the large top roof of the building to small interventions through vegetation and a system modular of lightweight concrete models which would serve as a seat, pot, podium or sculpture, according to how it was placed.



Just above the apartment was intended to place a restaurant, for which it was necessary to create a new roof.



 As well as the character of Virgilio Piñera´s story  The Conflict, we sought to stop a constructive event at its maximum level of saturation, in order to avoid the inescapable: a constructor will create all the conditions of formwork to melt a new concrete slab but it will never be done, so the site will be used in those conditions.



The new space is shown to us with a tormenting estrangement, placed intensionally, at the irritating end of possibilities; that is why the marginality and authenticity of their perspectives.







By Anadis González / Armando Montesino / Amelia Baldie / David Medina / Fernando Martirena / Gerardo Guillén