Single Family Home, New Construction, Artemisa, Cuba 2018 –



Next to the beach, we were commissioned a weekend house of around 60m2. As a much larger house was already under construction next to it, we decided to build a hidden house in the garden.



A stone wall without windows, made of the same material as the walls that separate it from the neighbor, defines this house at first sight.



The result was a house with 2 curved facades, one made of stone and the other made of glass that meet at the corners.



When you enter the lot you do not see the house, but a wall in the garden, and once inside, you discover the elements that make this curved path a home.



In this way we have an elongated domestic landscape with a length of 23m and a maximum width of 3.4m with different views in each space, which is closed to the neighbors and open to the sea: like coming out of a cave towards the water.



It is oriented to the north and northwest, so it receives sun only during the morning, while it receives the wind that comes from the sea and retains it, creating an air box due to its distribution and its proximity to the perimeter wall.



The structure consists of a rigid curved natural stone wall and a series of 6cm wide metal columns that together support a cast-in-situ reinforced concrete slab.




Designed by Anadis González, Fernando Martirena and David Medina.