Cafeteria and Meeting Rooms, Rehabilitation, Havana, 2017



As part of a general refurbishment of the Hotel, we were asked to do a proposal for the meeting rooms, ciber café and cafeterias of the hotel’s business center.



The Hotel Panorama is a postmodern and colorful building that abuses the expressive resource of color and High Tech, to achieve a chaotic and incoherent result.



 Instead of proposing expressive elements, we decided to excavate, demolish and desaturate what already existed.



 To later bring new furniture and new vegetation. Renunciation of action is action itself.



We intervened 4 meeting rooms, a navigation area and the outside cafeteria.



The new material we used was polished cement after demolishing and removing all other materials and painting the walls white to highlight the spatial qualities that the building had lost.



One restriction was not to change the chairs, but to work with them looking for new configurations.


In the meeting rooms we only work on the existing false ceiling, intervening it with minimal actions.
The outdoor areas are decorated with tropical vegetation that, since the entire space is desaturated, the green of the plants takes on a greater role.


By Anadis González, Fernando Martirena, Gerardo Guillén, Armando Montesino and David Medina.