Research and Project.
Presented in the Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam, 2022

(Part of Architecture as Theater Series)


Bipolar Restaurant is an space divided into two perfectly symmetrical halves. Two doors, two halls, two kitchens, and all their objects repeated. However, the two objects of each side are not the same, but opposite, and together they create a right-wind and a left-wind restaurant, which, actually, are the same. To the right side of the wall the space is white and smooth, on the other side it is rough and motley.



To the fine finishes and luxurious materials of the right, are opposed the cheap materials of the left, uncovering the stripping of the old walls and the concrete blocks. In this exercise of duality, we must choose between one extreme or the other, although we know that the extremes draw circles.


In the banal synthesis of opposites there are no indices of good or evil, only differences and choices. We can go one day to the right, another to the left.


By Anadis González and Fernando Martirena