Restaurant, Rehabilitation, Havana, 2018

The building is divided into two perfectly symmetrical halves. The same space on each side, the same kitchen, the same bathrooms.

The right side and the left side oppose each other as asymmetric flaws. A right wing and left wing restaurant at the same time.

On the right the space is clear and smooth, on the other side the materials are seen in their natural state.

Inside, a 7m high cealing lit by skylights unites the two halves in their sense of grandeur and cool temperature.

The finer and more luxurious finishes on the right are opposed by the cheaper materials on the left. On the left we drink beer in recycled glasses, on the right in crystal glasses.

The neatness of the right and the improvisation of the left generate two identical spaces with different attitudes.

The decoration is the set of objects that we discover in our reflection, with the intention of seeing us and seeing us as we want to be seen.
Given this duality, we choose which place we want to enter, although this decision does not change anything, it is still the same restaurant and the same prices. We know that the parciality is not two sides of a long line, but close points of a small circle.

By Anadis González and Fernando Martirena.