Apartment, Extension, Havana, 2016



In an eclectic building from the 1940s, an artist friend had thought for years about how to free his apartment from its most private function (bedroom) and migrate to its roof terrace to let it free and turn it into an office-gallery. The imposed particularities of a shared terrace required a less invasive and easy to assemble proposal.



An “L” configuration advances from the limits of the property towards its center: the interior spaces “enclose” the exterior and creates an open bathroom-garden, like a second patio.
Built with a light structure, the spaces frames an open plan configuracion.



                                                                                                      We were looking a project for a Patio-House before a Patio House, new domestic ways of living outside.





By Anadis González, Fernando Martirena, David Medina and Gerardo Guillén