Infraleves Editions (2019)

For some time now we have been editing and assembling unique edition books in the studio, not following an idea of an artist book based on the physical qualities of the book, but on an old idea of Ulises Carrión de work – book. Where the book is the structure of a work of art, or a part of it.

We call this conceptual Editorial “Ediciones Infraleves” in reference to the concept Infraleve by Marcel Duchamp.

A series of unique editions are enough to see the editorial concept.


Kalach´s Visit to Havana (2018)

During the month of April 2017 we had the visit to Cuba of Alberto and María Kalach, with whom we were developing the research project “Gardens that do not exist” for Havana. This project started from an idea of Alberto Kalach to change Havana only through its gardens.

We visited possible places that could become public spaces, we talked with specialists and we planned what would happen during the 13th Havana Biennial, where the project would be exposed.

With students of the Faculty of Architecture we conducted a drawing workshop for possible gardens for the city and Alberto Kalach held a public lecture on his work at TAX. All this happened in Wilfredo Prieto’s Chullima workshop, as part of his planned activities for the 13th Habana´s Art Bienale.

Excursions to Lamas House (2019)

The Lamas house is not only one of our favorite buildings throughout the country, but also a mysterious and essential building, which we have not completely understood. Made in 1958 by the architect Humberto Alonso, it is a masterpiece of Cuban brutalism.

After more than 20 years without anyone living, along with a group of students from the faculty, we have been visiting, while at night a homeless person sleeps in it and breaks the windows to cook with firewood.

From these encounters came the failed attempt to make the exhibition “Adoration and Desecration of the Lamas House”.